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The Value Forward Group is an IT sales and marketing consulting and training firm that works with technology, software and professional service leadership teams both domestically and internationally to help them build replicable revenue capture systems designed to accelerate growth.

Since 2001, we have been helping clients solve sales and marketing business problems by providing value communication clarity in their customer conversations and building scalable sales and marketing programs that are integrated into one revenue capture process.

Through the deployment of our proprietary Value Forward® method and working collaboratively with clients, we increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and accelerate marketing operational performance.

Strategize - Capitalize - Monetize

We know that revenue capture is a company responsibility. The Value Forward program integrates all customer facing value touchpoints to build a scalable revenue capture system where sales, marketing and strategy work together in tandem as one revenue capture enablement system.

Sales and marketing integration... is not alignment.

To grow your business using a premeditated process, sales and marketing alignment is not enough. To maximize revenue capture, sales and marketing must work as one success system. By integrating revenue capture communication and messaging with sales and marketing methods you maximize your revenue capture capabilities and shorten buyer acquisition sales cycle timelines.

In IT, it’s not first to market – it’s smart to market... that wins business.

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