Our Approach

Value Forward Method

Understanding why prospects buy... and don’t buy are key business drivers to revenue capture success.

Analyze - Strategize - Monetize

Buyers use a holistic model of value understating when making a judgement call to purchase. Is not just what the salesperson’ says or your messaging communicates, but instead it’s the totality of customer facing interactions that drive buyer’s perception of your value and ultimately their purchase. Your product or service names, pricing strategies, corporate branding, customer storytelling and conversations, operations deployment capabilities, marketing engagement approaches and sales presentation and negotiation strategies all cumulatively build a visual brochure in the brain of the buyer of your offerings’ positional value and its price acceptance.

Taking a solo approach to accelerate your business growth by trying to adjusting secular customer facing value touchpoint areas like sales, marketing, strategy, finance, operations or branding at one time, makes no sense and does not work.

Today, many companies pull their business value behind them and incorrectly communicate their value to their targeted buyers. This approach creates unsuccessful customer conversations and reduces sales capture success.

A more successful approach is to understand why your prospects’ buy and don’t buy and then integrating this understanding into your customer facing value communication and customer conversations and prospect sales and marketing enablement process as one revenue capture system.

That’s What We Do

We know that revenue capture is a company responsibility. The Value Forward program integrates all customer facing value touchpoints to build a scalable revenue capture system where sales, marketing communication, strategy and financial models work together in tandem as one enablement system.

Using industry best practices, thought leadership, third-party research, metric model analysis and experience with hundreds of IT companies since 2001, we personalize your business model success methods based on your corporate objectives and operational needs.

If you are seeking to build a scalable success system for your IT firm, contact us now at (770) 632-7647.

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