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Managing IT Sales “Forecasting Moles!”

IT sales forecasting by its very nature is an unscientific art. The decision cycles, budgets, and purchasing needs of prospects constantly change. Sales forecasts are just snapshots of time captured on a selected time slice. The introduction of CRM systems and contact management programs have made sales projections less accurate today in the ability to…
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Grow Your Revenue By Launching New Products and Services

Selling and marketing IT products and professional services in the best of times means developing value that prospects believe, finding prospects that will buy, negotiating deals that clients will pay for, and managing competitors... before they manage you. This whole process can become cumbersome and tedious.  One way to bypass this elongated sales progression is…
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Is IT Marketing a Strategic Contradiction?

Is marketing a staff position designed to support the sales team or the marketing department's own agenda? Is marketing a line position responsible for creating corporate revenue? Should corporate management cut back on marketing investments and just hire more IT salespeople? All of these questions are asked by IT executive management on a monthly basis.…
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IT Sales Process Development

Developing a sales process that is successful, replicable, and measurable is one key to growing your firm. Like six sigma models, the correct sales process is designed to minimize and eliminate business errors that reduce your sales operational deficiencies and increase corporate profitability. Having corporate revenue success is not always a proven sales process. Often…
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