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IT Sales Relationships Start After the 2nd Sale

Are Your Customers Loyal? Do you have a Relationship with a New Prospect Before the 1st Sale? Customer loyalty is an integrated process of perceived and actual value delivered based on your offering and your customers' perception of that offering. You do not arbitrary have customer loyalty because a customer bought from you once. During…
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Better Messaging & Brand Content Closes IT Deals

When marketing and sales are integrated together correctly, value acceptance by targeted buyers increases. To sell buyers, your firm must move through a pathway toward value belief where you “the seller” move from the position of being seen as an outside vendor to an engaged peer on the inside. This pathway is based on the…
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Take the 2016 Revenue Capture Success Test

Will 2016 be better than this year? Selling and marketing are premeditated sports that need to work in tandem with strategic buyer conversations that communicate your business value succinctly to drive corporate revenue. 2016 is almost here. As you scramble to close out 2015, are you ready to have 12 contiguous months of revenue capture…
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Increase Your Revenue Through Better Sales Forecasts

6 Reasons Why Most Sales Forecasts Are Inaccurate and Why They Hamper Corporate Profitability One success driver for companies to grow their top line revenue is the accurate management of their sales forecast. A sales forecast is a leading business driver that when used correctly, increases corporate cash flow, accelerates operational success, and allows companies…
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