Business Process Analysis

Strategy is important, but execution is better.

Where do you get your technology business success strategy from? Do you have a clear growth strategy that everyone in your company knows and understands how to execute? Is your strategy based on your competitor's business model? Is your current strategy designed to maximize your team member's capabilities and your operating assets?

Since 2001, the Value Forward Group has been helping technology, software and professional service companies build scalable and replicable strategy success programs that utilize all of your company assets to achieve maximum revenue capture.

To sustain year over year growth more than the annual inflation rate involves implementing a planned process that is scalable.

Scalable growth requires you to answer objectively key strategic questions about your high tech business:

  • Why do your targeted prospects buy from you?
  • Why do your targeted prospects not buy from you?
  • How do you create value that your prospects believe?
  • Have you done a market gap analysis to find out where demand is greater than supply for your business offering?

Through industry best practices, thought leadership, third-party research and hundreds of technology company engagements, we have a broad range of client success experiences to help executive management teams grow revenue and increase operating profitability.

Our expertise includes:

  • Value Forward 360® Business Model Assessment and Success Program
  • Strategic Planning
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Financial Strategy

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