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Revenue Capture Scorecard

The Revenue Capture Scorecard is a business agility tool for growth-directed companies focused on building a buyer strategy that is linked to revenue capture success. The Scorecard measures a company's business process through four perspectives -- sales, marketing, strategy and financial management. DiModica explains how aligning these four perspectives and implementing a system of organizational…
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High Tech CEO Business Success Strategies

In High Tech CEO Business Success Strategies, Paul DiModica has identified best practice action steps through market model research, case examples, public documents and third party studies that management teams need to make for marketing, sales, strategy, finance and operation departments to maximize their technology company growth. So, what makes a high tech CEO and…
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How to Sell Technology

How to Sell Technology provides proven sales techniques to strategize, cold call, network, give demos, and close more technology deals with management. This is the ONLY course designed specifically for high tech salespeople Selling technology and professional services is a complex sale that requires specific strategies, techniques and action steps designed for our industry to…
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