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Take the 2016 Revenue Capture Success Test

Will 2016 be better than this year? Selling and marketing are premeditated sports that need to work in tandem with strategic buyer conversations that communicate your business value succinctly to drive corporate revenue. 2016 is almost here. As you scramble to close out 2015, are you ready to have 12 contiguous months of revenue capture…
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Secret Sauce for Identifying Who Your Buyers Are

Do you try to sell everyone? Have you ever told a prospect "no, you're the wrong fit"? Do you chase every tradeshow lead as a real sales opportunity? Do you offer white papers to your prospects that are not targeted by buyer title? My grandfather immigrated to America from the Island of Sicily, the province…
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How the Value Forward Method Was Started… and Why It Works!

The Background of Value Forward Method For fifteen years I have been writing articles for High Tech Success advising on the Value Forward Sales and Marketing techniques. As the senior management consulting partner in our firm, I am often asked how the Value Forward method came about. It started in 1983, when I began my…
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