How to Manage Sales and Marketing

Manage revenue capture systems by metrics and R.O.I.

Sales and marketing costs continue to increase as revenue per sale decreases. To manage this cost management operational gap, executive teams need to build detailed sales and marketing metrics and scorecards to control management of sales and marketing costs and monitor team member performance. Though our client engagements, we help companies build detailed Revenue Capture Scorecards and specific sales and marketing cycle action steps to be tracked and team member blueprints to be followed.

Selling is a premeditated sport. Sales and marketing management must operate as an integrated process in tandem and must know how to induce their team members to action.

Our sales and marketing management programs include:

  • Sales quotas calculation mathematics
  • Sales forecasting system setup and design
  • Marketing management metrics and ROI calculations
  • Sales management metrics
  • Marketing and sales integration 2.0
  • Sales cycle step development
  • Sales team member hiring process
  • Scorecard design and build-out

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