How to Sell to Executives

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The goal is to be a peer in the boardroom, not a vendor waiting in the hallway.

The Value Forward sales method and sales process has been taught to start-ups, mature family businesses, IT players and Fortune 50 player sales teams and is a proven step by step sales process on how to sell executives.

Through our unique approach, we teach through an interactive process how to reach out and connect with executives and penetrate their no talk zone, communicate specific messaging and corporate stories that present value that is believed and negotiate from a position of strength to maximize your closing ratios and margins.

The Value Forward Sales Team Training includes:

  • How to Cold Call and Network through LinkedIn
  • How to Create Three Dimensional Value by Sounding Like an Executive Peer
  • How to Engage Prospects During your 1st Appointment to Create Thought Leadership
  • White Board Executive Brief Training That Induces Management to Ask for a Proposal
  • How to Use Executive Storytelling as an Advanced Selling Tool
  • Proposal Development That Creates Value and Accelerate Buyer Demand
  • How to Negotiate and Close Deals Based on Buyer Drivers
  • How to Sell Key Accounts and Set Up a Pursuit Sales Team
  • Sales Team Time Management Methods

All of these programs can be modified to your needs and personalized for your business model.  To learn more, contact us at (770) 632-7647 or complete the form below and we will contact you at your convenience.

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