Take the 2016 Revenue Capture Success Test

Will 2016 be better than this year?

Selling and marketing are premeditated sports that need to work in tandem with strategic buyer conversations that communicate your business value succinctly to drive corporate revenue.

2016 is almost here.

As you scramble to close out 2015, are you ready to have 12 contiguous months of revenue capture success in 2016? Is your messaging, strategies, market channels, lead generation and sales step process working in tandem right now to make 2016 your best year ever?

Since 2001, we have worked with over 600 IT, software and professional service firms both domestically and internationally. When assessing private companies and public company division's ability to hit the revenue capture goals, we have identified specific metrics and operational attributes that foreshadow those who will be successful... and those who will not.

Here is a light version (the big version has 300 questions) of this revenue capture success assessment... it is very accurate.

Give yourself 10% points for each correct answer.

Don't underestimate the accuracy of your score; it is a window to what you will do next year.

  1. Will your sales team hit 85% or better of the team's assigned annual sales quota this year?
    __Yes   __No
  2. Do you use a mathematical model to calculate your assigned sales quota for your sales team?
    __Yes   __No
  3. Did one salesperson or one sold deal account for more than 25% of your company or operating division 2015 sales success?
    __Yes   __No
  4. Is your corporate story and executive conversation about your business value on why you are different easily understood and believed by your targeted prospects?
    __Yes   __No
  5. On the deals that you closed in 2015, is your average discount off your suggested proposal pricing on average more than 25%?
    __Yes   __No
  6. Do you sell and market your IT offerings vertically to specific defined markets?
    __Yes   __No
  7. Do you track marketing investment Return on Investment (R.O.I.)?
    __Yes   __No
  8. Is your sales process written in a detailed step-by-step format and do you train your sales team monthly?
    __Yes   __No
  9. Is your sales and marketing departments integrated together so they work in tandem?
    __Yes   __No
  10. Does your executive team manage (not just look at) at least 7 sales and 7 marketing metrics monthly?
    __Yes   __No


1)  Yes
2)  Yes
3)  No
4)  Yes
5)  No
6)  Yes
7)  Yes
8)  Yes
9)  Yes
10) Yes

2016 Revenue Capture Scoring Assessment Scoring

Assign 10% for each right answer:

If you scored 80% or above, your 2016 revenue capture success opportunity statistically looks good.

If you scored 60% to 70%, you have a 50% chance of hitting your revenue capture goals in 2016.

If you scored 50% or below, you have NO chance statistically of hitting your 2016 revenue capture objectives unless you sell one large deal that disproportionately accounts for most of your sales success.

But selling one big elephant is not a scalable process and money hides mistakes.

The days grow shorter as 2015 winds down. What are you going to do to make 2016 your best year ever?

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