How to Sell Technology – The Official Handbook

How to Sell Technology provides proven sales techniques to strategize, cold call, network, give demos, and close more technology deals with management. This is the ONLY course designed specifically for high tech salespeople

Selling technology and professional services is a complex sale that requires specific strategies, techniques and action steps designed for our industry to get managers and C-level executives to buy. The methods and tactics taught in this book are designed only for IT salespeople and have been taught to and used by thousands of account managers worldwide.

Through this publication, salespeople will learn how to

  • communicate value to management
  • talk peer to peer when selling big companies
  • generate qualified IT leads
  • set up your first meeting with C level prospects
  • determine if your prospects are qualified buyers
  • give successful whiteboard presentations
  • create value driven technology demos
  • write proposals that persuade management prospects to buy

Selling technology is a contact sport, so if you have been selling for longer than one year, you have been bruised. Yet, if you sell correctly, you can escape the pain and maximize your success.

So sit back, get comfortable, and let's rumble through the technology sales jungle. In IT sales, you must Hunt now, or be eaten later!

How to Sell Technology




"If Selling and Marketing Computer Software and Services Were an Olympic Sport . . . Paul DiModica Would Be Tested For Steroids." -- Jerry Gregoire, Editor at Large, CIO Magazine (Chief Information Office Magazine)

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