Revenue Capture Scorecard

The Revenue Capture Scorecard is a business agility tool for growth-directed companies focused on building a buyer strategy that is linked to revenue capture success. The Scorecard measures a company's business process through four perspectives -- sales, marketing, strategy and financial management. DiModica explains how aligning these four perspectives and implementing a system of organizational changes can accelerate your business growth. When all four perspectives are working in tandem, management teams can adjust their business model as needed to proactively make quick decisions.

Designed to help you implement a clear growth strategy, the Revenue Capture Scorecard holds all departments responsible for revenue. When one department fails to reach their objectives, the Scorecard enables that department head to see how their lack of success affects the overall company success and resulting loss of revenue. You will learn how to adjust executive compensation to reflect their performance, clearly define department objectives, and position your firm for accelerated growth. As a former Vice President of Strategic Development for Renaissance Worldwide, a public company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Renaissance was originally called The Registry, Inc., which purchased the consulting firm Renaissance Solutions Inc., owned by David Norton -- co-author of the book The Balanced Scorecard with Robert Kaplan. After observing The Balanced Scorecard's original practice, he identified what he believes is an operational gap in its design and ultimate deployment. As a result, DiModica created the Revenue Capture Scorecard.


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