Case Study: Enterprise Software Company

Company Overview:

$50+ million, 25-year-old, privately-held enterprise software company whose revenues had plateaued for three years was challenged on how to grow new business from new prospects, and improve topline revenue and operational profits.

Business Problem:

The firm's sales, marketing and strategy approaches were stagnated in an extremely competitive, commodity-based market, dominated by global 1000 players and industry vertical specialists. The market was confused with the company's business value, strategic messaging and software functioning capabilities, forcing the sales team's prospects to be operational users who had no control over budget and the decision making process. This lack of business market understanding elongated the sales process, reduced sales quota success and caused accelerated price discounting.

Client Solution:

Value Forward did a complete 360° Business Success Assessment of their entire company including sales, marketing, strategy, operations and financial programs and then supplied written recommendations to the CEO to help them reach their corporate growth objectives. Once the executive team agreed to the suggestions, our team worked in tandem with the leadership staff to collaboratively implement the recommendations. When the recommendations were completed, we then implemented a department, metric measurement system for the management team to track their progress. Finally, we trained the sales and marketing teams in the Value Forward revenue capture process to help build a scalable lead generation and sales capture process.

Client Results:

Within the first 12 months, (and during the great recession) in a heavy competitive marketplace, the company grew revenues year over year by 20%. During the second 12 months of the program, the company grew revenue another 29% year over year and was honored with the industry's future visionary award by an independent research group.

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