Case Study: Hardware and Software Company

Company Overview:

$7+ million, 35-year-old, privately held hardware and software company who was a regional player with virtual sales team members located across the East coast. The company focuses on a non-profit market space, dominated by international players selling their proprietary software and hardware offerings.

Business Problem:

The firm's revenues were flat and sales and marketing costs were increasing as their technology offerings' price entered into the decline stage of their product life cycle. Additionally, their market potential was diminishing in their existing market zones due to their long-term geographic presence.

Client Solution:

Value Forward did a complete 360° Business Success Assessment of their entire company including technology, sales, marketing, strategy, operations and financial statements and then supplied written business model recommendations to the CEO. Upon review and acceptance by the CEO, we worked with him one-on-one to implement the suggestions and trained his sales team on the Value Forward method.

Client Results:

The client revenues increased 85% and they sold their biggest deal in the company's history beating their number one competitor. Additionally, the client expanded U.S. wide and reduced their selling costs by implementing our Sales and Marketing 2.0 Success System for revenue capture. Sales team members now only travel for the largest client opportunities and their sales cycle selling time is 40% less. The company is now using us to help them plot out their continued growth and evaluate strategic acquisitions to build out the client's offerings.

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