Sales Training and Consulting

Increase revenue capture success using a planned process.

Growing a business in today’s economy requires a planned process to increase your sales success. The Value Forward sales approach focuses on helping companies increase their revenue capture capacity by helping sales and marketing teams communicate more effectively their business value, differentiate themselves from their competition and position themselves as a peer in the boardroom, instead of a vendor waiting in the hallway.

Six Steps Infographic

The 3T sales process uses a premeditated approach where trust, sales transactional action steps and salesperson time management are used as an integrated process to increase revenue capture performance. The Value Forward 3T sales process is designed around:

  1. Building Trust with the client so they understand and believe your value
  2. Inducing Transactions by making prospects take action steps with you in tandem to prove to you that they are qualified
  3. Managing Your Time by focusing on the sequential engagement steps that are needed to close the deal By using this structured process, we shorten sales cycles, increase closing ratios and improve sales team member performance.

Our expertise include:

  • Sales Process Development
  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Management Training
  • Managing Sales by Metrics Using Scorecards
  • Sales planning
  • Revenue capture scorecard
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Whiteboard Presentations and Demo Presentation Training
  • Sales Engineer Demo Training
  • Selling to Key Accounts
  • Setting up Channel Partners
  • How to Negotiate to Win
  • Time Management for Salespeople
  • How to Give an Executive Presentation
  • How to Cold Call Senior Executives, Create Value and Set Up Appointments

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