Paul DiModica is the Founder and CEO of the Value Forward Group and the senior partner in the firm. Prior to launching the Value Forward Group, Paul spent over 20 years in high tech businesses as a Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Vice President of Strategy, Vice President of Operations, Chief Operating Officer and company Founder in private, family-run and public companies with annual revenues up to $900 million.

Paul advises start-ups, mid-market players, and global 100 management teams, both domestically and internationally.

Paul's is also the author of the books, Revenue Capture Scorecard®, High Tech CEO Success Strategies, and How To Sell Technology. Additionally, Paul's  new book about brand strategies that generate revenue called Value First, Brand Second will be released in 2017.

Paul also publishes the weekly newsletter called High Tech Success, read by subscribers in 110 countries.

Paul has been interviewed or quoted in over 200 media outlets including CIO Magazine, CFO Magazine, Fox News, NY Times, Investor's Business Daily, Marketing Magazine, Computer World Magazine, Training Magazine and Selling Power Magazine.

Books by Paul DiModica