On-Site Technology Biz Growth Workshop

Technology Biz Growth Workshop at Your Office

Business Plan

Are you ready for 2017?

Do you have a detailed business growth roadmap in place?

Do you want to accelerate and scale your business success?

Let us help you and your team by holding a one-day private and confidential interactive business success and growth workshop at your office. This workshop is specifically designed for technology, software and professional services companies and their leadership teams.

Key Questions To Be Answered

  1. Who are you and why do customers buy from you?
  2. Why do customers not buy from you?
  3. Who should you sell and what is your value proposition?
  4. How do you create value that your prospects believe over your competition?
  5. How do you scale, replicate and measure your revenue growth systems?
  6. How do you attract and retain the right team members?
  7. How do you create new technology products and services to improve cash flow?

Action Steps + Written Plan + Execution = Success

Once completed, you and your team will have a specific and detailed blueprint of action steps that need to be implemented based on your corporate objectives, financial goals and operating budget.

We Are High Tech Success Strategists - Not Facilitators

Once your success plan is written, we then work with you and your team to implement your recommended action steps.

If this sounds like the strategic program you need to accelerate your corporate profitability and grow your business faster, contact us today for a quick 10 minute conversation about our workshop and your business needs. Call me at (770) 632-7647 or complete the request below and I will contact you to discuss.

Paul DiModica

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