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Go-To-Market Strategy

Using a detailed approach, we analyze all departments and provide recommendations to improve performance.

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Sales Consulting

Build a sales process that is creates messaging, builds a sales distribution model and is scalable to grow your revenue.

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Sales Training

Through our specific copyrighted techniques, we train your team to become “peers in the boardroom, instead of vendors waiting in the hallway.”

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Marketing Strategy

The Value Forward marketing strategy helps you put your value in front of you… so prospects believe what you say.

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What our Clients Say

Paul's brain is like a computer! Pulls knowledge faster than electrons!!- Nabil Freij, President
...Great information! It's given me a new way to control and grow my business.- Dave Varney, President
Like drinking from the Sales and Marketing firehose. Good information from the master firefighter.- Dick Blom, Senior VP
Real life useful information for growing your business!- John Walden, President
As CFO of a high tech company, I especially appreciated the practical advice, as well as the worksheets for getting top revenue performance from the company. We have already started implementing some of the ideas in this book and know we will be seeing great results.- Nina Cartee, testimonial
Doors are opening. The light bulb of recognition is going on quicker and it's 'Wow, we've gotta do business' rather than blank stares from the prospects!- Richard Tews, Business Development Manager