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The Value Forward® Group specializes in helping leadership teams of technology, software, and professional service companies boost their sales, marketing, and strategy performance to build replicable revenue capture systems designed to accelerate growth.

Value Forward’s founder is Paul DiModica. Prior to starting Value Forward Group, Paul spent 20+ years working in IT executive positions having served as VP of Sales and Marketing, COO, VP of Operations, VP of Strategy and Business Development in privately-held, VC and PE-funded and public companies.

Paul also co-founded three software companies — two of which are now owned by public companies.

  • iInform – the first BI-driven SaaS software company
  • Aloha POS – now owned by NCR
  • e4Speed – MSP now owned by Renaissance

Paul is also the author of the books, Value Forward Selling, How to Sell Technology and High Tech CEO Success.

Since 2001, Paul has been helping clients solve strategy, sales, and marketing business problems by providing value communication clarity in their customer conversations and building scalable sales and marketing programs that are integrated into one revenue capture process.

Through the deployment of our proprietary Value Forward® method and working collaboratively with our clients, we increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate marketing operational performance.

Today, many technology firms pull their value behind them and force themselves into a negative sales and marketing position, reducing the ability for their company to grow topline revenues.

Value Forward was started to help IT companies build sales and marketing programs that put their value out in front so prospects will believe your value and pay for your high-tech products and services.

We know that …

Branding is not revenue.

Advertising is not revenue.

Marketing is not revenue.

PR is not revenue.

Operations is not revenue.

Development is not revenue.

Revenue is revenue.

At the Value Forward Group, we are revenue capture engineers and know that it is not first to market that counts… but smart to market.

Over 25,000 Professionals Coached

Strategize. Capitalize. Monetize

We know that revenue capture is a company responsibility. The Value Forward program integrates all customer facing value touchpoints to build a scalable revenue capture system where sales, marketing, strategy and messaging work together in tandem as one revenue capture enablement system.

To grow your business using a premeditated process, sales and marketing alignment is not enough. To maximize revenue capture, sales and marketing must work as one success system and create customer value that they believe. By integrating revenue capture communication and messaging with sales and marketing methods you maximize your revenue capture capabilities and shorten buyer acquisition sales cycle timelines.

In IT, it’s not first to market – it’s smart to market… that wins business.

Helping IT Executives in Over 110 Countries

Our Clients

High tech team members from these companies have participated in our business success programs

Forsythe Solutions, Microsoft, Ipro, DSS, Accenture, Computer Associates, IBM, AT&T/Technion, EMC, Sun Systems, Lanier Worldwide, Deltek, Adobe, Hughes Software, CCI Triad, Aithent, Paragon, FalconStor, PRTM, I:FAO, Canon, Symantec, SourceXL, MicroStrategy, Qwest Communications International, ORION, Spherion Technology, NEC-Mitsubishi, D&B, Baan, Sarcom, Convergent, Comdisco, Lotus, Ikon, Oracle, Siemens Communications, Enterasys Networks, New Horizons, Sybase, Cisco, IntelliMark, Tusc Technology, Informatica, Technisource, HP, Gartner, MedSeek, Progress Software, SoftLanding Systems, Mascon, Patni, SL Corp, Systime, Cornerstone Communications, CBIZ, Skyward, Citizant, E-LYNXX, Comodo, Blue Shoe Technologies, BlueCielo ECM Solutions, J.D. Edwards, Eloqua, Pitney Bowes, Red Hat (US & Asia Pacific), Diebold, SpectraSoft, Dell, Harvey Nash, Kronos, Messaging Architects, HDI Technologies, Snap-on Diagnostics, Harvey Nash, Cincom, Aptera Software, Wells Fargo Merchant Payment Solutions, SouthWare Innovations, NetServ Applications, Dataskill, Accudata Systems, Lionbridge Technologies, Sprint, Prosum Technology, Center of Financial Technologies, Skillpath Seminars, Learning Tree International, Diamant Software, Carnegie Technology Marketing, New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Ricoh U.S., Dynamic Computer Corporation, Synaptris, GeoStructures, ChannelAdvisor, Standard Register, Trinium Technologies, Information Security Networks, Compass Technology, Opsource, Advanced Microelectronics, Tekvault, ADT Security Services, Sopheon, Lucent Technologies, Serena Software, Sierra Systems, Advent Software, TwinEngines, etrials, OmniMark Technologies, Automated Document Management Solutions, Siemens Enterprise Network, Seagull Software, Magenic Technologies, TeamQuest, LANDESK, Symbiosis International, Firm Support, Office Depot, Lexmark, Opus Healthcare Solutions, American Express, Everest Technologies, John Deere, Securitas Systems, BearingPoint, Regan Technologies, Mettler Toledo, Cybernet Software Systems, Interactive Intelligence, Micromedex, Jacada, CompuCom, MKS Software, Xploit International, Capita Software Services, Alliant Technologies, Fluke Networks, Round Rock Solutions, NuWare Technology Corp, Paetec Communications, Bell Canada, Hitachi Software Global Technology, Snaps, Baan Japan, Hewlett Packard, US Netcom, Vision Software, VeriSign, Expert Server, Xerox Corporation, H&W Computer Systems, TrackingSoft, Bridgeline Software, Kaplan IT, PKWARE, Seagull Software, Lexmark International, Voice iP, LinkEdge Technologies, New Horizons Scotland, Markin Tubing, Fujitsu, Integrated Voice Resources, Dassault Systemes Services, Sage, Radiant Systems, BlueBackUp, Sybase and Sybase Switzerland GmbH, Toshiba America Information Systems, EMNS, Flexible Business Systems, WebromTV, Lighthouse Technologies & Management Solutions, Amherst Technologies, WorldCom, The Boeing Company, Motorola, VanDyke Software, Transcend Technology Partners, Global Knowledge, Fuji Xerox Australia, GT Alliance, . . . and many, many more.

20 Years in Business


Paul DiModica - A Big Motor On Your Boat! You can rest assured that your investment in Paul's program will be much more than amply repaid. You get BIG information. You get BIG support. Paul (through his book and his personal consulting) has made an enormous difference in clarifying and focusing the marketing and sales campaign of this company. We are the official representative in Quebec of the world's leading manufacturer of high-tech exterior perimeter security equipment, and Paul's approach has enabled us to contact and meet with senior decision-makers in municipalities and industry that we had not previously been able to reach.- Michael Katz Director, Corporate Development
Like drinking from the Sales and Marketing firehose. Good information from the master firefighter.- Dick Blom, Senior VP close attention to Paul DiModica. Well worth flying 11 hours to attend! I recommend anyone who is serious about dramatically improving their sales and marketing to pay close attention to Paul DiModica.- Lawrie Siteman, Director