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Interactive, Motivating and Content-Rich Presentations

Using humor, audience participation and real-world sales success techniques that make attendees listen and learn, Paul DiModica helps executive management and growth-directed sales teams discover how to increase sales, sell C-Level executives, create value that prospects believe, and implement success strategies.

Customizable Keynotes

Value First – How to Sell Executive Buyers and Create Value They Believe

What I cover:

  • The top buyer drivers that make C-Level executives buy technology and professional services
  • How to create value propositions that buyers believe
  • How to speak like a peer, not a vendor
  • How to communicate your offering on your first conversation to position yourself as a thought-leader

When scheduling an event, you want to engage your audience and enable them to leave with information they can use immediately. Paul provides content-rich and engaging presentations developed from his experience in the trenches.  Because of his background in technology sales, marketing and executive leadership for over 30 years and having consulted with over 300 high tech companies, Paul can identify with the challenges your team faces and help them increase their revenue capture success.

Each speaking event is customized to your audience and research is performed to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information for the event objectives.  For workshops and training sessions, a customized workbook for the event is provided to each attendee.

For more information, give us a call at (770) 632-7647 and a representative will contact you to discuss your event and your needs.


IT, Software & Technology Sales Training Workshops

The Value Forward Group works primarily with technology, IT and software firms. Since 2001, we have worked with hundreds of high tech companies including private, public, and equity-funded players, start-ups, vertical industry leaders and family run businesses. We provide detailed sales training courses for sales teams and sales management who are seeking a proven method on how to connect and sell high tech offerings to C-Level management executives.

We offer a broad range of education and learning programs designed to help technology sales team members learn specific skills to help them build a knowledge center of methods and techniques needed to increase their sales quota success by learning how to sell senior executives.  Our education process is focused on sales team learning – not just sales training.

Our sales team education approach is designed to help you and your team “become peers in the boardroom, instead of vendors waiting in the hallway®.” Through specific copyrighted Value Forward® techniques and methods, we teach your team how to put your business value in front of them so prospects see your company as a strategic advisor and take action steps to buy — creating a go-to-market plan that is scalable.

Our engagements are custom fitted based on your needs and are offered in 1-day, 2-day and annual retainer options based on your team’s needs and your corporate objectives.

Through our approach, we teach…

  • How to assess prospects’ drivers to induce them to take an appointment
  • How to cold call management (phone, email, social networks), set up appointments and create value that prospects believe
  • How to hold your 1st appointment with a management buyer to assess their needs and qualify them on the spot
  • How to give an executive briefing, white board presentation or webinar that communicates your value and induces a prospect to buy
  • Key account and target account sales development and how to set up a pursuit sales team
  • How to use storytelling as an advanced selling tool
  • How to negotiate with C-level executives and close more deals
  • How to hire, motivate and lead IT salespeople and manage them by metrics

For more information, please contact us at (770) 632-7647.


Paul DiModica, CEO

Paul DiModica is the Founder and CEO of the Value Forward Group and the senior partner in the firm. Prior to launching the Value Forward Group, Paul spent over 20 years in high tech businesses as a Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Vice President of Strategy, Vice President of Operations, Chief Operating Officer and company Founder in private, family-run and public companies with annual revenues up to $900 million.

Paul advises start-ups, mid-market players, and global 100 management teams, both domestically and internationally.

Paul’s is also the author of the books, Revenue Capture Scorecard®, High Tech CEO Success Strategies, How To Sell Technology, Value Forward Selling.

Paul also publishes the bi-monthly newsletter called High Tech Success, read by subscribers in 110 countries.

Paul has been interviewed or quoted in over 200 media outlets including CIO Magazine, CFO Magazine, Police Chief Magazine, Fox News, NY Times, Investor’s Business Daily, Marketing Magazine, Computer World Magazine, Training Magazine and Selling Power Magazine.