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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

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…makes you think about how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

This was a great and to the point program and it makes you take a hard look at your current business model. It also makes you think about how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Charles Kelley, Marketing Manager


The Value Forward messaging model helps you put your value in front of you… so prospects believe what you say.

The words you say in your marketing and sales communication paint a picture in the mind of the buyer that you the seller must control.

IT business success is tied to integrating sales, marketing, operations, corporate messaging, financial management and strategy into one singular outbound premeditated program to increase revenue. As revenue capture engineers, we help clients turn strategy into action and visions into reality.

We know that:

Branding is not revenue.

Advertising is not revenue.

Marketing is not revenue.

PR is not revenue.

Revenue is revenue.

Many high tech companies are saddled with commodity-based buyers of their products or services that force companies into a competitive position based on price.

Today, many IT firms pull their business value and messaging behind them and reinforce their commodity position.

When company marketing and sales communication says, "We have great service," "we are customer centric," or "our service offerings are the best," they just sound like their competition.

When you market and sell like your competitors - you become identical to your competitors . . . and you have to price your product or service equal to or less than your competitors do.

Regardless of the industry, business value communication is the consistent element for business controls and management success.

Instead, put your business value in front of you.

To grow your high-tech firm in a competitive market, you need to integrate your sales, marketing, strategy and branding programs into one outbound revenue capture approach focused on communicating your business value up front, so prospects see you differently than your competition.

Though our Corporate Messaging/Strategy program we help make your value communication believable.