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Sales Consulting

Transform Your Revenue capture

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Business Development Scorecard Test is a must!

If you want to have a successful sales organization, the Business Development Scorecard Test is a must!

Marc Piva, Senior Manager

Build a Successful Sales Strategy

Through the Value Forward strategy consulting approach, we help you build a systematic sales process that creates a messaging, sales distribution model and sales step playbook that is scalable.

Our comprehensive approach enables sales organizations to build revenue capture success systems that understand why prospects buy, why they don’t buy, and what value they believe you deliver.

Using this transforming buyer knowledge, we then work with you in tandem to help you create a revenue capture planned process.

Our Sales Strategy programs include:

  • Sales process setup
  • Sales forecast and team metric management
  • Sales territory design and implementation
  • Key account sales pursuit team setup and implementation
  • New Sales Capture Approach
  • Existing customer lifetime value improvement
  • Sales team compensation model
  • Marketing programs needed to support the sales team
  • Sales team training
  • New product/service launches
  • Channel management needs and setup